Go! Indigo, Go!

So,  tell us about what you do and what you are doing?

I’m an actress working as a bike taxi during SXSW. Since my customers get a really great view of my behind I thought I would wear a tablet computer around my waist and become a mobile movie theater. SXSW, especially during the Interactive part of the festival is awash with shared ideas. I’ll be smack dab in the middle of it all, moving all sorts of people to and from events.

I’m using Indie go go as a platform for crowdfunding my projects.

Why Indie Go Go?

I chose IndieGoGo because it’s really cute that we have the same nickname, and also I like the option to keep whatever money I raise, even if I don’t reach my goal (vs. Kickstarter).

What projects are you promoting?

I’m starring in a steam punk western webseries called Infinity Justice. It’s about refugees from the end of the world time traveling themselves to safety and making a big ole mess of things. The other project is going to  save the world. It’s the Plastic Mermaid Adventure Show, the episodic adventures of a mermaid from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. She’s going to be interviewing artists, manufacturers, recyclers, and anybody who works with plastic. She’s an absurd character in our real world capable of seducing us into falling in love with our trash.

Sounds awesome!

Oh, and also I’m being featured in a pedicab reality  show pilot. I’ll have cameras hooked up to my bike for one day during the festival.

Where can we find more about you and your projects?

Check out more about me and my latest stuff at : http://www.indigorael.com/