Casting Call for Austin, Texas HD Student Scene “Big Fish”
Production Title: Directing Workshop Scene from the Film Big Fish
Studio/Independent/Student: Student
Project Type: Student
Project Format: HD
Production Location: Austin, Texas
Production Start Date: May 01, 2012
Shooting Schedule: Shooting will take place one night, scheduling will be determined by cast availability
Production Wrap Date: May 01, 2012

Synopsis: This is a scene exercise for the Directing Workshop class at UT. The selected scene is from the movie Big Fish and is the first confrontation in the film between the Will and his dying father, Edward (who is currently in denial). Will and Edward have rarely seen eye to eye, mostly due to Edward’s habit of blowing things out of proportion or fictionalizing family history to the point where the truth is often indiscernible.

Character Breakdowns:

  • Will- Younger, an honest realist and professional. His wife is newly pregnant. Is frustrated with his father because he doesn’t feel that he knows him due to Edward’s propensity towards stretching the truth.
  • Edward- The father and a consummate storyteller. Charming, and a lover of stories he has built his whole life around telling them and cannot fathom why his son is unsatisfied with the more interesting reality of he has created for their past.

Paid/Non-Paid: Non-Paid
Other/Additional Compensation: DVD Copy
Meals/Lodging/Transportation Provided: Meals, Snacks and Beverages

*Email Your Casting Submissions To:

Audition Date: April 25, 2012
Audition Location/Address: UT Campus CMB 4.102 Studio 4A

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