Casting Call for Austin, Texas HD Independent Short Film “The Runner”
Production Title: “The Runner”
Studio/Independent/Student: Independent
Union/Non-Union: Non-Union
Project Type: Short Film
Project Format: HD
Production Location: Austin, Texas
Production Start Date: May 16, 2012
Shooting Schedule: 2 days a week and weekends
Production Wrap Date: July 02, 2012

Producer: C.I. Aki, David Avila, Eric Duece
Writer: C.I. Aki
Director: C.I. Aki

Synopsis: Ever since Robert Franks’ wife was murdered in the middle of the day at a neighborhood super market as she cried for on-lookers to help, he has been obsessed with finding that “super hero” out of normal people. He kidnaps high profile athletes and challenges them to save the life of an innocent woman, which he has hostage in his home. He creates nearly impossible challenges for the athletes to save the women; but before that, he gives the athlete the choice of risking their life, through the impossible challenges he has set up, to save the innocent woman, or saving themselves instead. His premise for the challenge: a real hero will be both selfless and able to summon the “heroic” ability needed to save someone whose life is in danger. The very kind of person his wife Linda needed to save her from her assailant. He believes this is his calling: to find that “hero”, and the women he kills in the process are a sacrifice for a greater purpose.

Character Breakdowns:

  • Grace (ages 26-31, light complexion, preferably a blond or brunette) The leading female role of the film, and the focal woman Robert Franks kidnaps. She is an attractive lady in her late 20’s. She speaks mostly in the beginning, but through the film she is very emotional.
  • The Runner (ages 18-23, non-white ethnicity) The Runner is a young, athletic, but quiet and determined character. This character never talks, but is the “hero” of the story. Must have a great physique (i.e., a sprinter’s body).
  • Detective Banks: (ages 45-60, any ethnicity) Detective Banks is an old-school detective, in his late 50’s, who worries about everything. Character has a lot of dialogue.
  • Detective Furlough (ages 24-34, any ethnicity) Detective Furlough is a young, handsome looking, officer in great shape. Character does not speak much during most of the film, until the end when he has a very emotional speaking part.
  • Kevin Lyons (ages 31-35, Caucasian) Kevin Lyons is a middle age guy who has aged well and kept himself in excellent shape. He has a Southern Californian look to him.
  • Robert Franks (ages 40-50, any ethnicity, must have a Northeastern professorial look) Robert Franks, the leading male character in the story, is in his late 40’s, speaks very flowery, and from time to time is overcome emotionally by his rhetoric. Heavy dialogue.

Paid/Non-Paid: Non-Paid

Other/Additional Compensation: Film Credit, DVD Copy
Meals/Lodging/Transportation Provided: Meals, Snacks and Beverages

Production Company: Unemployed Hercules Films
Film/Production Company Website:

*Email Your Casting Submissions To:

Special Notes for Potential Cast/Crew:==IMPORTANT== To submit, please attach your headshots, resume and demo reel (if available). State the name of the role you would like to be considered for. If you would like to be considered for multiple roles, submit for EACH role. To view our other projects, check us out at:
Audition Date: May 01, 2012
Audition Start Time: 07:00
Audition End Time: 10:00
Audition Location/Address: 5555 N. Lamar Blvd Suite C-123, Austin, Texas 78758

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