Casting Call for Austin, Texas Independent Photo Shoot “Alice in Wonderland-Themed”
Production Title: Alice in Wonderland-Themed Photo Shoot
Studio/Independent/Student: Independent
Union/Non-Union: Non-Union
Project Type: Submission for The Block on West Campus Photography Contest
Production Location: Austin, Texas
Production Start Date: April 28, 2012
Shooting Schedule: THIS SATURDAY from 3:00-6:00 pm
Production Wrap Date: April 28, 2012

Additional Attached Cast/Crew: Cara Shaffer

Synopsis: Our project is an Alice in Wonderland themed photo shoot. The photograph will be submitted to the Block on West Campus photo contest! The photograph has to incorporate the “I Love West Campus” t-shirts, so here is what the picture will look like:  The RED QUEEN, with her army of “cards” (male models) behind her, will have a fearful, yet incredibly glamorous, face-off with ALICE. We are going to outfit the Red Queen in pearls, jewels, a glamorous gown and photo shoot-glam hair blowing dramatically in the wind. As for her army, it will be comprised of MALE MODELS giving their best, most attractive, most menacing, and most fierce scowls behind their queen (GQ-style poses meets Alice in Wonderland). The men would also be wearing the “I Love West Campus” t-shirts, while still looking incredibly dapper (black dress pants, tuxedo jackets casually draped over their shoulders, the occasional undone bowtie here and there). Lastly, ALICE will be outfitted in the classic Alice outfit (so, blue dress, black bow in hair, white stockings, black flats).  The aesthetic of this shoot is regal, elegant, incredibly dramatic and, most importantly, glamorous! Expect professional- quality photography that you can keep for your portfolio.
Character Breakdowns:

  • RED QUEEN: We are looking for a tall redhead (female)(Blondes and brunettes can apply also, for photoshop can work wonders with hair color!). Basically, we are looking for an elegant, young (18-30), tall woman. This will essentially be like a fashion photo shoot, so we are looking for models that are comfortable with fashion-style posing and such (actresses are absolutely welcome, too!)
  • ARMY (MALE MODELS!): We are looking for 7 male models. Think Abercrombie, GQ, Details, etc. We are looking for models who can deliver smoldering looks who would look good in white t-shirts as well as black tuxedos.

Paid/Non-Paid: Non-Paid
Other/Additional Compensation: DVD Copy
Meals/Lodging/Transportation Provided: Snacks and Beverages

Production Company: FIGment Films

*Email Your Casting Submissions To:

Special Notes for Potential Cast/Crew:***Expect an absolutely glamorous, creative, and fun photo shoot! We are a really fun crew to work with and we strive for fun yet professional work. We understand that this is a last-minute call but we would be eternally grateful for your collaboration! We really believe that we have a shot at this competition so contact us as soon as possible if you’re interested!*** Please send us a headshot, height, and/or full body shot and we’ll contact you shortly*
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