Paid – Cast / Crew Call For San Antonio, Texas Independent Feature Film “Supernatural.”

Production Title: Supernatural
Studio/Independent/Student: Independent Film
Project Type: Feature Film
Project Format: HD
Production Company: Aristar Entertainment
Location: San Antonio, Texas and Columbus, Texas
Start Date: Feb 01, 2011
Schedule: 20 Days

Producer: Derek Nixon, Kurt Wehner
Writer: Andrew Pozza

Character Breakdowns:

  • BLAIR WOODS – 20s. Very attractive, assertive and sly with a turbulent past, but presently a strong woman. She is psychic and comes from a family of psychics. Believes in something greater than herself.
  • BROCK – 20s. Beefcake, like the cover of a romance book. He never wears a shirt and often sports a cowboy hat. Despite being second fiddle to his best friend Damon, he is full of himself. He believes everything would be better if he ran the show.
  • PEPPER – 25 to 30. A hunter who dresses accordingly. He is always seen with a firearm of some sort. He is part of the paranormal team that investigates haunted sites.
  • DOUG – 20s. Camera operator who captures paranormal activity. Has unmanaged splotchy facial hair, fan of the Grateful Dead or Phish, and was a philosophy major before switching to film.
  • TUCKER – 25 to 30. The director of Damon’s documentary. He is quietly pretentious and views Damon and his team as subjects more than people. They will never be as important as he will be.
  • PROFESSOR WARD – 40 to 65. Passionate and full of digressions, along with himself. He is well cultured and knows 43 different languages. A man who prides himself on knowledge, he also harbors a chip on his shoulder for anyone who opposes him. He is always right.
  • PROFESSOR SALAS – 30 to 45. A passionate, strong-voiced feminist, her analysis of the documentary concerns itself with gender, psychoanalytic, or Marxist critique. Short boy hair.
  • DEWEY – Mid 20s. He is in between nerd and cool guy.
  • MITZY – Mid 20s. Down to Earth and smart, when she is not bursting into spasms and yelling like a pirate.
  • EMILY SUNFLOWER – 13. A bright girl who spends most of her screentime possessed. With a demon inside her she is sometimes playful, but mostly sarcastic and just plain mean.
  • ISAAC SUNFLOWER – 16. Nicest boy on Earth, hard worker. In awe of the city folk. Likely to refer to his father as “paw” and not think twice about it.
  • ADDISON – 4. A bouncy kid, a bunch of fun.
  • JORDAN HARRIS – Mid 20s. Unethusiastic about his job as an editor.
  • HOMELESS MAN WITH BEARD – He holds fervent beliefs about the Smallsquatch and UFO’s.
  • COMEDIAN 1 – Hipster glasses, messy hair, hipster attire. Sarcastic jokes. Ridiculous.
  • COMEDIAN 2- Balding and flamboyant. Hilarious, sings some of his lines. Ridiculous.
  • CARLOS – A town local with a Spanish accent. Excited about the camera crews as much as the rest of the town.
  • OLD MAN – He is stern, serious, likes football.
  • MIDDLE AGED WOMAN – Local with a Southern accent. Insecure about her looks on camera. Shy, but a sweetheart.
  • 7 YEAR OLD KID – Local Kid- Sugar rush. He gives his testimony on the Smallsquatch.
  • NARRATOR – Male with deep voice for voice over.
  • OPERATOR – Voice Over for 411.
  • ALICIA POWERS – Damon’s mother. Sweet and nonchalant.
  • MIKE POWERS – Damon’s father. Alcoholic, not too bright.

Crew Positions:

  • Open Crew Call.

Paid/Non-Paid: Paid
Meals/Transportation Provided: Meals, Beverages