Jettisode 18 – Where Are The New Classics?


In this first Jettisode (Jettisode 18!) of 2010, Jett Garner gives us his take on the Hughes Brothers’ film, Book of Eli, starring Denzel Washington and Gary Oldman. Do we have a winner or is it a look at things to come in 2010?

Jett also looks back at 2009 and some of the recent “new classics” like The Hurt Locker and asks the question if they match up to the “old classics” like The Godfather or Gladiator. Is the current cream of the crop gonna stay at the top or sink away into cinema history?


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  1. I know it didn’t do much for you but for District 9 is a new classic. Brilliant on every level.

  2. have not seen up in the air yet. although i hope to see it soon….

  3. As far as a character-driven classic, I would argue that Up in the Air was tremendous. I think it is a very potent film.

  4. The Hurt Locker is a hard film to nail down. Just like you, I really liked it. It has some great characters and scenes in the film but there was something missing that keeps it from being one of those films I want to watch over and over. On the other hand, you mentioned Dances With Wolves being a classic and MAN does it still hold up, at least to me.


  5. oh I see it’s a jettisode lol cool :p

  6. so like, what’s the deal on this one?! You hiring or not??