Dallas Filmmakers Set To Release Controversial Film Project “Unaware”

Dallas, Texas filmmakers Sean Bardin and Robert Cooley have a secret and it’s causing quite a stir. Their upcoming feature film UNAWARE is one of those “secret projects” where most details of the film have been closely guarded.

ShortFilmTexas spoke briefly with director Sean Bardin about the film and quickly learned that the biggest misconception about “Unaware” is that it is “NOT a documentary / mock-documentary” as many industry folks have described the film. UNAWARE is about a vacationing couple that discovers something disturbing on a ranch in rural Texas.  Armed with a home camcorder, they captured their experience on video.  And that’s all he’ll say about it for now.

UNAWARE was awarded the Orson Welles Award in the 2010 California Film Awards, as well as the Award of Merit in the 2010 Accolade Competition. It was also screened in the 2010 Wanderings Film Festival, where it was reviewed positively by both judges and audience.

Currently in waiting for at least a dozen more festivals and awards competitions, the UNAWARE trailer is making it’s way around the country in search of a home for it’s film. And based on the current movie trend of Skyline, Battlefield Los Angeles, and Cowboys and Aliens, I feel certain that UNAWARE will quickly find distribution.

It’s a good time to be an alien.


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  1. ok, a movie made in texas and us texans can’t find anywhere to watch it in our own state. now thats what I call using your heads! you want this movie to get noticed, well start screening the hell out of it, even if its for free, forget about going big, remember you have to start small before you go big. Bet you it will never make it to san antonio, what a shame cuz this is a great looking film

  2. Looks good, scary. Make up on the man needs a little powder to get rid of the greasy look, other wise he looks good and the film looks very interesting.

  3. It’s films like this that attract attention..simply because they pleasantly and unexpectedly tend to Scare The Hell out of it’s viewer….and we like that. That’s what we came to see. That’s entertainment! Great job!

  4. Looks great! Seriously the trailer gave me goosebumps as well!

  5. Blair Witch? Paranormal activity? Ummm, okay. And oh by the way, what were the Aussies doing in Roswll. Ho hum!

  6. Oooooh…that trailer gave me goosebumps!