Casting Call for Spanish Speaking Actors for Telemundo Television Pilot “The Success of the Four” Filming in Austin, Texas.

Production Title: “The Success of the Four” (El Exito para Las Cuarto)
Studio/Independent/Student: Independent
Project Type: Television Pilot for Telemundo
Project Format: HD
Production Company: StarField Productions
Location: Austin, Texas
Start Date: April 25th, 2009
Wrap Date: May 18th 2009
Director/Writer: Francois La Rosa

Film Synopsis:
Has been compared as Entourage for women. Four up and coming actress/models experience the perks of success and celebrity with their often annoyed agent and friend from childhood manager.


  • Jenny- Most successful of the four actresses; sustaining their fabulous lifestyle.
  • Tessa- Model who moved up through life the hard way; never forgets where she came from
  • Francisco (manager)- Manager and longtime friend of the girls. The only one they really trust.
  • Tomas’ girlfriend- Loyal girlfriend to Tomas, the girl’s Agent; often on the receiving end of his tirades.

*All actors must be comfortable and able to speak Spanish*

Paid/Non Paid: 25-50$
Meals/Transportation Provided: Yes

Please send Role desired, resume and head shot.


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